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The cases were selected to provide a wide range of approaches, activities, philosophies, and knowledge user groups. Each case tells a different story. Each story provides a different perspective on how research engages, influences, benefits, is co-created with and/or used by people and organizations outside the university.

Impacts Unpacked was developed by:

Dr. Ailsa Fullwood (Project Lead)

Research Support Facilitator, Faculty of Social Sciences

Kelly Coxson

Research Assistant and PhD student, School of Social Work

Pina Del Monte

Research Support Facilitator, De Groote School of Business

Dave Heidebrecht

Coordinator, Network for Community Campus Partnerships

Grace Lee

Research Assistant, Faculty of Humanities

Dr. Grace Pollock

Research Support Facilitator, Faculty of Humanities

With Advisory Group:

Dr. Karen Balcom

Associate Professor, Department of History

Dr. Catherine Connelly

Associate Professor, Human Resources and Management

Dr. Maureen Dobbins

Scientific Director, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT), School of Nursing

Dr. Elzbieta Grodek

Assistant Professor, French

*Research impact can also be achieved in other ways, including technology transfer and commercialization, but these cases document knowledge exchange strategies. We use “knowledge exchange” as a generic term to refer to knowledge mobilization, transfer, or translation.